Financial and Compliance Audits
Single Audits for Governmental Units
Reviews of Financial Statements
Compilation of Financial Statements

Audits  We perform financial audits for the purpose of expressing our professional opinion on the financial statements of our clients. As part of our examination, we also perform management audits designed to disclose strengths and weaknesses of an organization's internal accounting and administrative controls. Also included in our audit services are compliance audits designed to examine adherence to contract and/or grant provisions.

Reviews of Financial Reports  We perform inquiry and analytical procedures that provide a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements of an organization in order for them to conform to generally accepted accounting principles.

Compilation of Financial Statements  We present information in the form of financial statements based upon the representations of management (owners) without undertaking to express any assurance on these statements.

Trial Balance Write-up  We prepare, from original documents, financial trial balances and related summary journals on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. In addition, we prepare payroll tax returns. We provide tax advice to our clients where requested.